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Jesus looking toward sunrise.

© Jaroslaw Grudzinki

You may be wondering. What exactly does that mean? And that’s a good question. The meaning is derived from the Old Testament and the New. It is also an encouraging lesson, and an admonition that I’ve learned.

Let’s begin with the Old Testament.

Most of us know the story of the Israelites escaping from Egypt and how they wondered in the desert for forty years. During those years they needed to eat and we also know that… very little, if any, food can be grown in a desert. The Israelites couldn’t provide for themselves therefore God took care of them and sent them a food that fell from heaven each day. It was called manna.

manna-riceWe have no idea what manna looked like, I supposed it was white, but we do know that it was a type of grain never seen again by man. Which brings us to the interesting and crucial point of this story.

The Israelites could only collect enough manna for that day. In fact on the very first day God gave the Israelites manna some of them kept part of it until morning, but it was full of maggots and began to smell. (Exodus 16:20) The Israelites discovered the necessity of gathering manna every day for sustenance. So each morning the Israelites would go out and gather just enough for that day. If they didn’t go gather any for that day then they didn’t eat and if they didn’t eat they wouldn’t survive very long in a desert.

Gathering manna each and every day was crucial for survival!

In the Gospel of John Jesus said,  “…I am the bread that came down from heaven.” -John 6:40- He also said, “Just as the living Father sent Me and I live because of the Father, so the one who feeds on Me will live because of Me.” -John 6:57-

In the same way that the Israelites had to gather manna everyday we need to seek Jesus and feed off of him every day in order to survive. We can’t get enough Jesus today for tomorrow.

Now you can see where I got the title.

Feeding on Jesus is similar to feeding on regular food every day. If you don’t eat one day it won’t kill you, but missing one day becomes the first day that can lead to starvation.

In the physical world if we don’t eat we know that we need to eat because we get hungry, but when it comes to feeding on Jesus we need to hunger and thirst within our heart every day. Stopping and starting to feed on the world is easy, but deadly.

I would say that’s the biggest lesson here. If you’re not feeding on Jesus then your feeding on the world and if you’re feeding on the world you are dying!

It’s really a pretty simple concept, but it can be difficult to do and grasp. If you seek and feed on Jesus everyday with all your heart soul and strength and you’ll have a well nourished spiritual life.

I’ve been a poor example of seeking Jesus during my trials and tribulations of the last 16 years, but in that trial I’ve learned beyond a doubt just how important it is to seek Jesus everyday. He is everything. Nothing else counts. He is my breath, He is my life, He is my purpose, He is my strength, He is my friend and He is my brother. I need Jesus every day and have learned that lesson. Nothing else matters!

Let us keep on seeking Jesus every day so that we can always face the troubles that will come in the strength that He and He alone can provide.

You can’t get enough Jesus today for tomorrow.

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Seek Jesus Daily