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There once were two disciples of Christ. Each could rightly divide the word of God. One day when on a voyage together it was shipwrecked. As they abandoned ship they got separated and each drifted off with a separate group of men.

The first group drifted for a few days and washed up on a small deserted island. The disciple knelt on the beach and praised God for safely bring all ashore. The other men encouraged by him praised God too.

The disciple explained to them how God determined the exact times and places of all men to live so that they might reach out for Him and find Him. Though He is not far from them.

He said, “This is just such a time.”

He organized the men to search the island for food, water and anything useful. They found water and praised God as each man drank his fill. Food was scant however and all they were able to find was some berries and a few coconuts. One man found a lighter so they built a fire. Expectations ran high. That night each man lied down and praised God for blessing them.

The next day one man found a small bible on the beach. Surely the man of God would appreciate this he thought as he raced back to camp.

Arriving he showed the Bible to the disciple. The disciple’s eyes widened as he saw that it was a New International Version.

NIV Bible


“This is Satan’s bible,” he declared as he grabbed it from the man and threw it into the fire. “The only true Bible is the King James Authorized Version,” he protested loudly.

As the days went by, the disciple kept trying to teach the others about Christ, but they would have none of it. One even exclaimed, “How can we know what you are saying is true?

The others chimed in and started yelling at the disciple too, “Yeah, you burned the Bible and now your trying to teach us the Bible. What’s up with that?.”

They all grew angry and ran the disciple off.

The whole group of men soon disintegrated and each man fended for himself. Food was scarce and one man even killed another over a few berries. Slowly they all starved to death.

As the disciple lay on the ground lonely and dying he cried out to God as he breathed his last and said, “Why, O God did you put me here on this island with these pagans?”

Meanwhile the other disciple and his group of men drifted to another deserted island. They praised God, found water, very little food, and they too built a fire. One man even found a Bible, a New World Translation, the Jehovah Witnesses Bible.

New World Translation - Jehovah Witness Bible


The disciple took the version and was able teach them God’s love for them and about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The men also examined the Bible to see if what the man of God said was true. They saw that it was and freely accepted and obeyed the Gospel message and all were baptized.

From then on they all worked together as brothers, but in time, like the other group they too lay dying, but together as a group. Each man praised God for his salvation as he breathed his last.

Which Disciple do You Suppose Pleased God?

Jesus warned about this type of dogmatic belief when he spoke to the Pharisees who opposed Him, “You search the Scriptures diligently because you think that in them you have eternal life; but it is they that bear witness about me, yet you refuse to come to me that you may have life.” John 5:39 ESV ( Italics mine).

They had been saying to themselves, “We’ve got the book. We’ve got the right words.” But they missed the whole point of the scripture. It points to Jesus. Don’t get stuck on a book and miss the mark too. The question isn’t if it’s the right version or wrong version. The question is: ARE YOU FINDING JESUS!!!!!!!!!

Disclaimer addendum: This story isn’t to advocate the NWT. It’s to show the importance of pleasing God and presenting the Gospel of Christ to the lost! The dramatic comparison is purposeful in that mindset only.

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