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What is grace? What do you think it is? There seems to be a pervasive spirit of misunderstanding about grace today. Some people seem to think that grace is similar to a cover all or a protective blanket. Others think of grace as some sort of (more…)

Perfect Love

Hand Ok symbolIt is perfect, it understands, it is not only righteous, but is also always right, it is such perfect truth, but also truth in action, it heals, it restores perfectly. Read the whole article… Source: Wesley Okeke

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You can’t get enough Jesus today for tomorrow.


Jesus looking toward sunrise.

© Jaroslaw Grudzinki

You may be wondering. What exactly does that mean? And that’s a good question. The meaning is derived from the Old Testament and the New. It is also an encouraging lesson, and an admonition that I’ve learned.

Let’s begin with the Old Testament.

Most of us know the story of the Israelites escaping from Egypt and how they wondered in the desert for forty years. During those years they needed to eat and we also know that… (more…)

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