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The God of all comfort. Really?

Abandoned home in Lamar Colorado

Abandoned home in Lamar Colorado

In my travels I sometimes come across farm houses that have been abandoned. Usually these farms are located in places that have spectacular views and surroundings.  I often wonder about the people who built them. What brought them to this spot?  Why did they abandon their home? Was it their life long dream? How long did they live there?  Was their life life always fraught with troubles?  Was there a time of joy?  What brought about their dilemma?  Was there anything they could’ve done to keep the home?

These houses were probably dream homes at one time, life long aspirations lost to the ravages of time, deserted, lonely, and given up on.

Is it just me, or, do you too sometimes feel like those homes, unwanted, not needed, abandoned and ravaged by time?  Where is God?  Where is His comfort?

Before I discovered the answer (more…)

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